You're Home

Harrison Urby777 South Third St
Jersey City200 Greene St
Staten Island7-8 Navy Pier Court

A different kind of living

Urby won’t put you in a box. We give you a crazy-tasteful, light living space and throw in a washer/dryer. Voila! You also get a saltwater pool, yoga studio, gym, and group workout classes. Your personality finishes the job.

Your lobby is your favorite local coffee shop and we’ve got spaces designed to feel like an extension of your living room. Bring your laptop, catch up on Netflix, write your thesis, or just hang out with your neighbors. Urby events layer in local culture, so if you’re feeling it - being home can be as engaging as being out.

Urby’s Manhattan-adjacent locations mean you don’t have to leave the city behind.

Arrange a tour and see what we mean.